Carrier Ethernet Services: Simplify Your Network and Save Money

A World of Carrier Ethernet Solutions

Carrier Ethernet services are becoming the go-to solution for IT environments that have increasingly complex network infrastructure.

In the past, these complexities were virtually unavoidable, and businesses were faced with the surging costs of both hardware and resources to manage their network deployment. But today, organizations have more flexibility. By taking advantage of ethernet from carriers these businesses can reduce costs dramatically or increase bandwidth significantly without increasing your current circuit costs.

What is Carrier Ethernet?

In simplest terms, it is a communications delivery service based on high-bandwidth Ethernet technology, provided by telecommunications providers (carriers) for Internet access and communication between networked organizations.

Since carriers have begun offering carrier Ethernet solutions, organizations of all sizes have been able to vastly simplify their network infrastructure. At the same time, businesses are lowering costs tremendously in three distinct ways:

  1. By reducing hardware, equipment and recurring circuit expenses.
  2. By reducing the time and resources needed to manage those network deployments.
  3. By taking advantage of the lowest possible pricing by getting Ethernet services through the major carriers.


How can carriers give you more bandwidth for the same money?
It’s important to understand that carrier Ethernet doesn’t just benefit your own network deployments. It helps the carriers too. By delivering it, the carriers can also simplify their own deployments and lower their ongoing costs to maintain these services. This allows the carriers to pass on those advantages and savings to customers like you.

5 Key Aspects of Carrier Ethernet

Let’s take a look at the primary advantages of carrier-class Ethernet and how the technology simplifies infrastructure and results in substantial savings.

Standardized Services
Carrier Grade Ethernet is a ubiquitous service for both local and wide area networks, and often requires little to no changes to your existing network infrastructure. It’s built for high-bandwidth voice, video and data networks, implemented via standardized equipment.

The Global Business Carrier Ethernet NetworkReliability
This technology offers reliable network performance under the most demanding requirements. With Carrier Grade Ethernet circuits, the circuit provider is able to remove equipment from the local loop (last mile) which in-turn improves service reliability tremendously.

Carrier Class Ethernet services can be delivered across networks of any size, encompassing millions of users. It’s ideal for an extensive range of communications, business and information applications that incorporate voice, video and data. Bandwidth is scalable in granular increments up to 10Gbps and beyond.

Carrier Class Ethernet services are easier to increase in bandwidth than traditional circuits such as T1, T3, DS3, and so on.

Quality of Service
Carrier Class Ethernet enables a wide choice of quality of service options, as well as bandwidth granularity. With Service Level Agreements (SLAs), carriers can deliver end-to-end service with optimal performance for any voice, video or data requirements, over nearly any network. No more days of bonding T1s and finding out out your video streams are being dropped.

Simplified Management
By taking advantage of carrier technology, IT administrators can use standardized equipment to monitor, manage and diagnose their networks. Rapid service provisioning enables quicker, easier management across the board.

Ethernet services can plug directly into your router, firewall or layer 3 switch so that complicated termination interfaces are not needed. Anyone with basic IT knowledge can deploy Ethernet carrier services.

Simplify Your Network Deployments, Save Big

Ready to take advantage of carrier Ethernet at your organization?

Let Tredent Data Systems help you implement the solutions you need to simplify your network deployments and reduce costs significantly.

Tredent has 30 years of experience deploying carrier services and network infrastructure for businesses around the globe. As a robust IT solutions provider, we have partnerships will all the major service providers, including:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • CenturyLink
  • Many others

When working with Tredent, you don’t need to deal with the carriers. We provide everything you need to take advantage of carrier grade Ethernet, from the hardware and equipment to the service itself.

We offer a single point of contact, so you never have to deal with the carriers or with finger-pointing between hardware vendors and the carriers. Our teams take care of everything. We eliminate the frustrations and challenging issues, giving you and your IT team peace of mind.

Access the Lowest Pricing Available

Since we have partnerships directly with the carriers themselves, we can offer you the best pricing for carrier grade Ethernet service.

There are no cost advantages in going directly to the carrier yourself. We offer the same pricing Strengthen Your IT Infrastructure With Carrier Ethernetas carriers but with the added benefit of having our experienced teams to manage everything for you, hassle-free.

Since 1983, Tredent Data Systems has offered businesses a flexible, tailored approach, based around our
customers’ specific needs. When you partner with us, we customize our solutions for the exact requirements
of your business. We will help you implement the right solution to reduce costs while improving the ways your
business communicates.

In addition to carrier Ethernet, Tredent Data Systems offers a wide range of cost-reducing, performance-boosting IT solutions, including storage area networking, virtualization, WAN optimization, video conferencing and many

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