Cellular Expense Management Made Easy

Cellular Expense And Mobility ManagementIf you’re an IT professional in charge of cellular expense management at your organization, then you know how daunting that task can be.

As more cell phones and plans get added or changed, managing everything becomes a nightmare.

You’re overwhelmed with:

  • Rising monthly costs
  • Reviewing hard to understand phone bills
  • A growing number of mobile devices
  • Support calls & tickets for mobile devices
  • Who & how to manage it all!

It all eats up your time, as well as the company’s IT resources. And chances are, it shouldn’t be your job anyway. Your time and efforts could be used a lot more efficiently, and on more important projects, right?

Unfortunately, the boss says you’re stuck with the job, so you need to find the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to do it. This is an increasingly common dilemma within IT departments across the U.S., especially as more businesses go mobile to expand their remote workforce.

That’s where professional mobile expense management comes into play. By implementing the cellular expense management solutions from Tredent Data Systems, you can streamline the entire process, and significantly reduce time and costs for managing your corporate cell phone plans.

Cellular Expense Management: Fast, Simple & Cost-Efficient

Tredent Data Systems provides a comprehensive mobile expense management solution that gives you clear visibility of your entire mobile operations. With just a few clicks, through a single interface, you can view and manage all users, devices, usage, and the costs associated with each of those accounts.

Key Features:

  1. Easily add/remove devices and plans with just a few clicksControl Business Cellular Expense Management
  2. Make changes to mobile plans for any user
  3. Automate the invoice process for hundreds of thousands of devices
  4. Track real-time costs by business unit or individual users
  5. End-users can choose their devices and self-manage their own account
  6. Get quick support for any questions or technical problems
  7. Implement iron-clad security on every device before it’s deployed
  8. Everything is stored securely in the cloud, allowing for easy mobile expense management from anywhere, anytime

Most importantly, all orders and service requests go through a single system – at the best cost available. This doesn’t just simplify the process. It lowers costs significantly.

Tredent has 30 years of experience implementing intelligent communications technology at businesses around the globe. We can help you automate your cellular expense management processes with a single end-to-end solution.

Far-Ranging Benefits

Streamlining your mobile expense management processes can lower costs dramatically. Plus, it frees up your IT resources for more important work, and ensures that everyone’s time is being used more efficiently.

Whether your organization has 100 mobile devices or 5,000, the benefits of implementing this mobile expense management solution are virtually immediate.

Rapid, Simple Deployment: One of the most efficient features of our cellular expense management solution is the ability for users to use their own devices or purchase one with a personal credit card. Devices can be easily added or removed from corporate cell phone plans at any time, with just a few clicks.

This gives your organization a simple, automated way to adopt mobile devices, control the costs of all plans, manage everything from a single interface, and provide support. It’s also easily scalable. The system gives you flexibility to scale the numbers of users/devices as high as you need, while deploying device-level management capabilities such as MDM security, access control and app management.

Reduced Need for IT Support: By allowing users to self-manage their mobile devices within organizational policies, your IT personnel no longer have to deal with trivial support calls and other time-consuming tasks.

By implementing the cellular expense management solution from Tredent, you can maximize your IT resources and greatly cut down on the time required for managing your mobile workforce.

Reduced Costs: If you currently have dozens, hundreds or thousands of business cell phones, then your mobile costs are probably skyrocketing – with almost no way to control it all.

Our expense management solution reduces carrier billing costs by 15%-40%. Not only that, it prevents overspending on carrier plans. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to see the effect on your bottom line. Savings are realized within days.

Forward Thinking Cellular Expense Management ServicesBetter tracking of total mobile spend: Right now, you probably have no easy way to look at overall costs of your mobile usage. Worse yet, it’s probably near impossible to accurately project what those costs will look like next month or 6 months from now.

With a seamless system for cell expense management, you can view precise cost reporting in real time. You can even view costs by business unit, user, or cost code. This visibility helps prevent overspending and also ensures that you’re deploying the most cost-effective cell plans.

Scalability for MDM Capabilities: By using our seamless cellular expense management solution, your organization can easily scale to flexible MDM capabilities as your needs grow. Gain full access control, manage applications and implement the security you need to ensure that data is always protected.

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