Finally…A Cisco SMARTnet Maintenance Alternative

Fellow IT Professional,

Are you tired of renewing your Cisco SMARTnet contract, knowing it’s not worth the big expense?

Knowing you’re paying to much for what you get?

Tired of watching your other IT projects get pushed to the side because your budget was wiped out by your annual Cisco maintenance renewal?

Hey … I get it, SMARTnet pricing is EXPENSIVE.

Trying to protect your current Cisco infrastructure assets while also getting other projects done is tough. Sometimes it feels like it’s easier to just not renew the contract and risk the chance that a device may fail so you can use those IT funds more wisely. Unfortunately, that’s like driving without car insurance. It can be VERY costly if you get into trouble.Tired of Paying Outrageous Cisco Smartnet Pricing?

You are not alone…

Thousands of other IT professionals are dealing with this Cisco pricing problem.

In 2005, when the recession first hit we saw many of our customers deciding not to renew their Cisco SMARTnet maintenance due to the high price of Cisco’s contracts and budget cuts. An alternative was needed, especially for the maintenance contract.

Many alternatives have come out over the years but none of them really deliver in terms of support, response, availability, engineering capability and knowledge about this Cisco technology and hardware related issues and solutions.

We Knew We Had To Provide A Cisco SMARTnet Maintenance Alternative For Our Customers…

Don't Buy Smartnet Contracts - Cut Your Costs in Half!
We had to find a way to keep their network devices covered by a similar maintenance program to Cisco SMARTnet without spending a fortune. That’s why we created the TDS-NetSupport maintenance program.

With TDS-NetSupport you have the ability to select the level of support that makes technical and financial sense for core services, access and distribution layers, as well as remote offices and other network components.

From EOL support to 3 or 6 months contracts…our flexible agreements allow you to control how you cover your equipment for planned future network upgrades or other decommissioning of hardware. Get the options that suit your needs.

But don’t take my word for it…Our customers are raving about our service.  Here is what one of our customers said recently about our program:

“With TDS-NetSupport, we cut our annual maintenance costs in by 50% and we now get better service than we had from the manufacturer” – Albert Madsgard – IT Manager

We have boat-loads of references for you to call.  Our customers love our program and our service.  You will too.

Don’t Let Your Cisco SMARTnet Lapse Due To Cisco Pricing!

Purchase Smartnet Maintenance Solutions
Let’s face it…ballooning maintenance costs, inflexible contracts, and hardware upgrades forced by end-of-support on previous generation equipment are straining networking budgets worldwide.

TDS-NetSupport gives you more options to protect your network – even end-of-life equipment – at a fraction of Cisco’s  maintenance contracts. TDS-NetSupport provides complete network protection with 24×7 technical support and advanced hardware replacement.

TDS-NetSupport Advantages

    1. 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year – Technical Support Available by Phone or Email
    2. Hardware Delivered by a Certified Engineer (in most cases)
    3. Significant Reduction in Overall Maintenance Costs
    4. Responsive Service & Rapid Resolution Methodology
    5. Support for Multi-Manufacturer Network Environments
    6. Current, Previous Generation & End-of-Life (EOL) Hardware Supported
    7. No Recertification Fees!

Most of our TDS-NetSupport maintenance customers are able to cut their maintenance costs in half!

Give us a call or fill out the form below if you would like to learn more about our program and how you can have the piece of mind that your network hardware is covered when you need it most without spending a fortune on Cisco’s Smartnet maintenance contracts. Services offered include 8x5xNBD, 8x5x4 and 24x7x4.

Want To See How Much You’ll Save With TDS-NetSupport?

Just fill out the form below and one of our maintenance contract specialists will contact you to answer any of your questions and work with you to generate pricing. Start saving today with our Cisco SMARTnet alternative!

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Start saving money with our SMARTnet maintenance alternative. Just a fraction of the price of Cisco Contracts.