Compellent: Next-Generation Storage Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

Compellent has gained worldwide recognition for their innovative storage solutions. Acquired by Dell in early 2011, it provides enterprise businesses with highly scalable, SAN-based solutions that maximize efficiency and streamline management.Dell Compellent Storage & Technologies

Combining powerful modular hardware with cutting-edge software for storage virtualization, thin provisioning and other solutions, Dell now allows organizations to:

  • Cut the costs of enterprise storage up to 80%
  • Reduce the time needed to manage storage
  • Respond rapidly to new challenges and growing storage needs

IT managers and executives choose this storage technology because it not only simplifies their storage, but also vastly improves operations efficiency. The award-winning technology is resilient against downtime, protects against disasters, offers multi-protocol support, and optimizes performance by automating the movement of data into prioritized tiers of storage.

To help you determine the right fit for your business, we cover some of the high-level benefits and features of these storage solutions below.

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Key Benefits & Features of Compellent Storage Solutions

The Compellent Storage Center is the company’s flagship product, although Dell offers many additional, supplementary solutions to meet the needs of each enterprise. For businesses that want to reduce costs while also ensuring that data is continuously available and protected, a Compellent SAN is the solution.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common business needs to address how these solutions can benefit your organization.

Compellent SAN Storage Center

Data Center Virtualization

Dell’s product can significantly maximize the benefits of utilizing virtualized servers. By aggregating physical disks into more efficient, virtual volumes, the limitations of physical drives are eliminated.

  • Use thin provisioning to create virtual volumes for 100s of VMs with no need to pre-allocate physical storage capacity upfront.
  • Automatic LUN masking simplifies storage provisioning for VMs of any quantity.
  • Automated tiered storage enables better performance for more demanding virtual applications.
  • VMs can be deployed in just minutes; upgrades are rolled out with no risks.
  • Any size VM volume can be recovered in seconds with Compellent’s unlimited “Reply” snapshots.
  • Thin replication increases VM availability and protects data between several remote locations.

 Storage Efficiency

Data is growing exponentially at most businesses. Yet, IT departments are having their budgets slashed. Compellent solutions can make storage vastly more efficient, actually consolidating infrastructure demands and reducing the times and costs for management.

  • With thin provisioning, capacity utilization is greatly optimized, using disk space only when data is written.
  • Inactive or low-priority data can be automatically migrated to less costly, low-power storage devices.
  • Downtime is minimized (along with the associated costs) by streamlining data backup and increasing the speed of recovery.
  • Virtualization delivers better performance by merging all disks into one pool of storage.

 Disaster RecoveryCompellent Storage Center Technologies

Compellent gives enterprises the technology they need to implement a robust disaster recovery plan. With thin provisioning, continuous snapshots are used to provide real-time data protection and maximum availability across multiple sites.

  • External portable volume drives can be used to speed up initial synchronization, instead of duplicate arrays.
  • Thin replication boosts efficiency by only replicating incremental changes in data after initial synchronization.
  • Data can be replicated between sites by utilizing native IP-based connectivity and built-in FC-to-iSCSI conversion.
  • A single point-and-click UI allows for managing local and remote sites quickly and easily.
  • Replication success can be tested in just minutes without disrupting operations.

Energy Efficiency

Compellent significantly reduces energy consumption by optimizing the utilization of resources. Plus, the data center footprint and overall storage costs are also greatly minimized.

  • Thin provisioning immediately addresses the problem of buying and powering unused storage devices.
  • Tiered storage uses low-power disks for low-priority data, greatly reducing energy consumption.
  • Power and cooling costs can be slashed by up to 93% when storage and server virtualization solutions are combined.
  • Ability to boot servers from the SAN eliminates the power draw of internal server drives.
  • Innovative software enables managers to identify optimal energy efficiency with power and carbon savings reports.

Cost Savings

By now, you’re probably already beginning to see how these storage solutions can reduce IT costs significantly. Because of its Fluid Data Architecture, intelligent software and modular hardware, Compellent has the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Here’s how the savings add up:

  • Dramatically improved disk utilization
  • Efficient merge of all disks into a single pool of virtualized storage
  • Automated tiered storage
  • Streamlined backups and fast data recovery
  • Easy and far-ranging scalability with a single modular hardware platform

Business AutomationWorldwide Compellent Storage Area Network

Compellent uses an innovative PowerShell-based command set to automate common, repetitive tasks. IT administrators have access to 60+ cmdlets for streamlining network management.

  • Simple management of Windows environments with a single, unified shell or script
  • Hundreds of volumes can be mapped to a cluster in just minutes
  • Scripts can be created quickly with intuitive commands
  • Storage can be created quickly and easily for complex Microsoft Exchange environments

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