Dell EqualLogic SAN Solutions: Easy to Deploy, Manage & Scale

Justin Lofton Discussing Dell EqualLogic PS Series SAN Solutions

Justin Lofton – VP of Engineering

EqualLogic, by Dell, has paved the way for a new breed of high-performance iSCSI storage area network (SAN) solutions.

EqualLogic’s storage arrays have become the first-choice for IT professionals – not just for their performance and reliability, but also for their low costs to implement and manage.

If you’re just beginning to look at SAN solutions, then your IT department is probably faced with some big challenges right now.

Top Reasons to Consider Dell EqualLogic For Your Storage:

  1. Your data is growing faster than your organization can handle
  2. IT expenditures are skyrocketing to manage your growing storage
  3. Slow network performance and availability of data
  4. Severe risk of losing critical data after server failure
  5. You need to consolidate storage more efficiently across multiple OS environments

Dell’s SANs are built to address each of these challenges, quickly and easily. Below, we’ll take a closer look at several storage area networking solutions and their benefits.

TIP: No matter what the expertise of your IT teams, it’s crucial to work with an IT partner that has specialized experience in the technology you’re deploying.

Tredent Data Systems is an authorized provider of Dell EqualLogic storage solutions and has 30 years of experience in the IT industry.

Benefits of a Dell SAN

Dell’s high-performance storage area networks are designed to meet the ever-growing demands of today’s businesses. Let’s take a high-level view of the company’s key solutions to find the right fit for your organization.

Storage Consolidation

These days, even the smallest businesses are seeing their data grow exponentially. At larger firms, the increasing amount of application data, company files, emails and databases can pose a never-ending storage problem.

Dell EqualLogic iSCSI Storage Area Networking Visio

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Using old logic, you’d simply attach storage directly to the servers. But this not only causes a burden for managing the growth of the storage, but also hurts asset utilization and slows down data availability. By contrast, an EqualLogic PS6000, PS4000 or other PS series SAN consolidates your storage and:

      • Significantly decreases administrative/support overhead by using peer storage architecture to consolidate data into a tiered pool of storage.
      • Cuts total IT costs by simplifying operations with automatic system expansions, data protection and tiered functions.
      • Allows seamless expansion of storage capacity and performance – with zero down time.
      • Provides 99.999% availability with hot-pluggable architecture that is fully redundant.


As the number of applications, servers and operating systems grows, so do the department resources that need to manage all of it. Virtualization technologies, like VMware,through Dell EqualLogic enable more simplified IT infrastructures that increase long-term flexibility and greatly reduce costs.

Dell’s iSCSI Storage Technology:

      • Virtualizes the entire SAN, automatically leveraging all storage solutions – without any manual adjustments necessary.
      • Offers robust data protection tools and enterprise-class reliability with automatic disk monitoring.
      • Enables fast “out-of-box” deployment – within just 1 hour – using a wizard-based GUI for quick, seamless integration.
      • Automatically load-balances workloads with non-disruptive online migration of data volumes.

Data Protection

Backing up data is critical at both small and large enterprises – but most backup solutions can be extremely burdensome, inefficient and unreliable. An Dell iSCSI cuts out the operational headache and automates a faster, less disruptive backup process.

      • Enables business continuity with minimal disruption to operations during backup.
      • Allows IT managers to take snapshots immediately or schedule them automatically.
      • Supports up to 512 snapshots per volume, 1,000s per array.
      • Data protection comes built-in with any EqualLogic PS series array – at no additional cost.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

EqualLogic PS6010 Storage Area NetworkFor businesses that must keep running, no matter what, EqualLogic is a no-brainer. Dell’s virtualized storage arrays are design to protect business operations and improve data availability while enabling IT managers to implement easier disaster recovery solutions.

      1. Offers more affordable, simpler recovery solutions with complete protection against natural/unnatural disasters or outages.
      2. Enables recovery within minutes by leveraging your existing LAN/WAN – without requiring any add-on tools, applications or employee training.
      3. Provides point-in-time ongoing replication to multiple remote locations using the PS Series’ Auto-Replication technology.

Database Management

If your organization relies heavily on its business data – whether for websites, customer information, product information or other uses – then it’s critical that this data is available faster and that it’s protected securely.

Achieve faster daily operations for DBAs, because the arrays are optimized for high I/O environments right out of the box. A virtualized Dell iSCSI SAN can:

      • Ensure maximum performance – at all times – through continuous self-optimization as data changes and storage increases.
      • Allow you to grow your databases without disruption by using its aggregate resources to evenly load balance data requests, network activity, growing capacity, and cache.

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“Give it to me straight. Why all the fuss about EqualLogic?”

If you’re not an IT administrator, then you’re probably just looking for a quick rundown on why Dell’s storage area networking is the way to go. Well, in a nutshell:

Tredent is a Dell EqualLogic PS Series Certified Partner

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      1. It’s simple and extremely efficient
      2. No hidden or unexpected costs
      3. Quick setup in as little as 1 hour
      4. It can significantly reduce your IT overhead & costs
      5. 99.999% availability of data with nearly flawless backup systems, and blazingly fast recovery

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