Disaster Recovery: Iron-Clad Solutions to Protect Your Data & Restore It Quickly

Disaster Recovery Planning And SolutionsA solid disaster recovery plan is vital to maintaining business continuity after a major event.

Today’s businesses are under increasing pressure to operate with limited IT staff and resources. But regardless of the size or complexity of your IT environment, if you do not have an effective recovery plan in place, then you are putting your entire organization at risk.

Risks of NOT using efficient disaster recovery solutions:

  • Your business-critical data could be lost forever.
  • It could take days or even weeks to recover your data.
  • End-user productivity could drop significantly after data loss and during network downtime.
  • Productivity loss can translate into a loss of tens of thousands of dollars.
  • If data is compromised, your security may also be compromised.

Sadly, despite understanding these risks, thousands of businesses around the world are unprepared for inevitable disasters that put their operations at risk. Such events occur every day, and businesses without intelligent recovery plans are hit hard and left picking up the pieces.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Tredent Data Systems specializes in deploying effective, reliable and cost-efficient disaster recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes. No matter what the scale of your IT environment, we can help you design and implement a recovery plan that will ensure your business can operate as usual after a critical event.

In addition to supplying today’s best recovery software platforms, we offer a wide range of IT solutions with recovery technologies built-in, including:

Many of these solutions not only keep your data protected in the event of a disaster, but can also dramatically consolidate your infrastructure, saving you money, boosting performance, and lifting the burden on your already-taxed IT resources.

What Makes a Solid Disaster Recovery Plan

A good IT recovery plan should provide an end-to-end solution for all possible scenarios – whether the disaster is caused by hardware/software failure, natural events like extreme weather, or man-made events, such as a terrorist attack.

Disaster Recovery Plan Network

The key is that your data has to be safely stored and easily retrieved. Here’s what to look for in intelligent disaster recovery:

Data Protection & Replication
A good recovery plan should include sound methods for backing up your data – not just restoring it after a disaster. Tredent Data Systems provides several solutions with automated, seamless backup systems to protect your data around the clock – without disrupting end-users.

Fast Recovery
In the past, IT departments often took weeks to completely recover data after a disaster. Even then, the quality of that retrieved data was highly compromised. By employing newer technologies like virtualized storage, today’s restoration solutions from Tredent Data Systems can recover your data in just minutes.

Little to No Downtime
Backups and recovery traditionally resulted in lots of network downtime. This downtime can kill productivity, resulting in company-wide losses. These days, backups can be done in the background with minimal or no impact to users or the availability of data. And in the event of a disaster, data can be recovered almost instantaneously to keep the business running.

100% Data Integrity
Recovering data after a disaster is one thing. Maintaining the integrity of that data is a whole other issue. Older disaster recovery solutions do not ensure that your data will remain in the same state it was before the disaster occurred. But new technologies provided by Tredent can ensure that your data is untouched, maintaining 100% data integrity for true business continuity.


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Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Some businesses make the mistake of thinking that disaster recovery solutions are one-size-fits-all. But in fact, every business, large and small, needs to deploy a sound plan and solutions that are tailored to fit their operations.

At Tredent Data Systems, we offer fully flexible recovery solutions, customized to your individual needs and the infrastructure you already have in place. This not only ensures that your organization has the most appropriate business continuity technologies in place, but also saves you money.

Since 1983, we have been serving the IT community with data infrastructure and application solutions that lower costs and boost productivity.

  • Expertise in the best disaster recovery solutions on the market
  • Skilled teams of engineers with experience in leading solutions from Cisco, Dell Storage, VMWare, Riverbed, Microsoft and more.
  • Trusted by market-leading companies and IT departments around the globe for 30 years.
  • Wide range of additional solutions available including in infrastructure design, network optimization, storage area networking, WAN acceleration, HD video conferencing and more.


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