iSCSI SAN: Key Benefits, Solutions & Top Providers of Storage Area Networking

iSCSI San Storage Area Network COnfiguration GuideAn iSCSI SAN is essential for businesses that have growing amounts of data. And these days, who doesn’t? From company databases to end-user email accounts, the storage needs of today’s businesses are increasing at a faster rate than ever.

The old method of storing data directly on the servers poses several issues. And if you’re just starting to look at an iSCSI Storage Area Network now, then you’ve probably already experienced at least one of these problems.

Most common storage problems:

  • Constantly increasing costs for new hardware and personnel to manage it all
  • IT administrators are spending more time and resources to address storage issues
  • Network performance is dropping due to the increasing amount of data on the network
  • Data backups are taking longer, resulting in more downtime and decreased productivity
  • Significant risk of system failure and loss of critical data

iSCSI storage solutions can address all of these problems and enable IT departments to significantly lower the costs of managing data storage.

If your organization is overwhelmed with endlessly growing data, then it’s time to seriously consider implementing an iSCSI SAN.

iSCSI SAN Overview

iSCSI SAN is short for Internet Small Computer System Interface Storage Area Network. In essence, it’s a network made up of shared storage devices. On the surface, an iSCSI Storage Area Network appears like regular storage on the server. But instead, it’s connected to the network. This frees up the processing power of the servers and consolidates everything to make the entire network more efficient.

iSCSI vs. Fiber Channel:

There are two main types of storage area networks. iSCSI SAN and Fiber Channel. ISCSI is an IP-based system allowing the SAN to be connected to regular Gigabit Ethernet switches and IP routers. Aside from the storage array itself and the existing network, there are generally no additional hardware requirements.iSCSI SAN Business Storage Area Network

Fiber Channel SANs link data storage via optical fiber. This generally requires additional dedicated adapters/HBAs and switches dedicated to the fiber-channel setup.

Which is right for me?

The information on this page focuses primarily on iSCSI storage area networking. But if you’re comparing fiber channel with iSCSI, then it’s important that you consider the specific needs of your business, compared with the costs and benefits of each option.

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Key Benefits

There are several advantages of implementing iSCSI SAN, nearly all of which can help businesses lower IT costs significantly:

Simplification & Consolidation

Storage area networks can consolidate your data into a tiered system that automatically leverages all storage devices on the network to balance the load. This greatly simplifies the structure of your storage, eliminates the need for increasingly cumbersome IT environments, and thereby reduces the burden on IT personnel. There’s no guesswork involved with figuring out how much storage you need. You get what you need now and can scale it easily in the future.

Professional iSCSI SAN Storage Expert

Better Performance & Reliability

Networked storage eliminates the heavy lifting of data storage traditionally performed by the disks on the servers. By having iSCSI arrays that are dedicated to storing the data, you significantly lift the burden on the rest of the network. End result? More power for applications, better reliability, and faster overall speed for end-users. In turn, this can significantly boost productivity.

Data Protection, Backups & Recovery

Traditional backup systems have become increasingly complex and taxing on a network as data grows. The more data, the more time required for backups, longer downtime, and so on. Plus, after disasters, recovering data could take days. ISCSI SAN solutions provide an automated, faster backup process with minimal, if any, disruption to existing business operations. And after a disaster, data can be recovered in as little as just a few minutes.

Cost Savings

With an iSCSI SAN, organizations can immediately reduce costs in several ways: 1) by simplifying the networking architecture and eliminating the constant need for expensive storage expansion hardware, 2) by reducing the burden on IT personnel who manage the network, 3) by increasing productivity across the organization through better performance, and 4) by reducing energy costs with less energy-consumptive hardware.

Top-Rated SANs

There are two big names in storage area networking right now: Equallogic and Compellent, both by Dell. Many of the benefits overlap, but each technology is designed to meet the varying needs of different organizations.

EqualLogic: Built on virtualized peer storage architecture to streamline and automate data storage for small-to-large organizations. EqualLogic offers a simplified SAN solution with streamlined consolidation,EqualLogic Is The Recommended SAN Solution advanced data protection and exceptional performance.

Compellent: An enterprise-class storage solution based on scalable SAN architecture and virtualization. Compellent uses a powerful data movement engine, paired with innovative software, to help organizations manage their data more efficiently and cut costs by up to 80%.

To find the right fit for your needs, contact Tredent Data Systems. Tredent’s engineers have extensive experience in EqualLogic and Compellent technologies and can help you choose the best solution for your organization.

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