How Riverbed Technologies Can Significantly Boost Your Network Performance

Riverbed technologies have quickly become indispensable for IT managers who demand maximum performance from their networks.

From WAN optimization to virtualization, and everything in between, their technology enables organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure, boost productivity and save money in the process.

Most common reasons why IT managers need Riverbed:

  1. WAN network speed is lagging or the network is bottlenecking
  2. Limited storage for data that is growing exponentially? – Increased need for better data availability across remote locations/offices?- Data storage is becoming increasingly complex and eating up IT resources? – Applications are not performing as quickly or reliably as they need to be at all locations on the WAN
  3. Critical data is not protected in the event of a disaster

This network technology company offers a host of different solutions to address these common issues. Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of these solutions to help you find the right fit for your needs.

Riverbed Steelhead WAN Optimization AppliancesImportant: Riverbed WAN optimization solutions are only available through qualified IT partners, such as Tredent Data Systems. With a focus on optimizing core infrastructure and communications, Tredent has expertise in best-of-breed IT solutions and has been an industry leader since 1983.

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What Riverbed Offers and How It Can Affect Your Organization

Their technology has been designed to significantly improve network performance while also providing better protection of data. In nearly all cases, these solutions can be implemented seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of these WAN optimization solutions and related technologies…

WAN Optimization

See What WAN Optimization Can Do For You!

Riverbed Steelhead is a family of WAN optimization solutions that can deliver substantial improvements to network performance. End result: businesses run faster and more efficiently, and IT costs are reduced.

  1. Up to 50x acceleration of application performance
  2. More speed and efficiency = a huge boost in business productivity
  3. Positive ROI in as little as 6 months by consolidation in the branch location and data center
  4. Far-ranging optimization of file sharing, web, email, voice, video, and apps
  5. Ability to leverage cloud computing without compromising speed/performance
  6. Complete protection of data – at lower costs than other solutions
  7. Ability to identify and address network issues up to 83% quicker

Cloud Offerings

Riverbed’s cloud technologies enable businesses to simplify their IT infrastructure exponentially – with only positive impact to the end user and to the organization’s bottom line. From faster data access to backups and archiving, this technology does it right.

  1. Plug Into The Riverbed WAN Optimization NetworkFaster access to cloud infrastructure – both public and private
  2. Acceleration of movement of virtualized machines and data to cloud data centers
  3. Less bandwidth required to power remote offices or data centers
  4. Significant improvement of visibility into application performance & network utilization
  5. Elimination of WAN performance barriers, making more effective use of cloud services
  6. Integration of the industry’s best WAN optimization technology with hardware, software, and virtualized platforms
  7. Complete solutions for disaster recovery, archiving, backup, storage, and data protection – all cloud-based and secure

Consolidation & Virtualization

Using Riverbed Cascade and other consolidation solutions, organizations can identify ways to strategically simplify their IT infrastructure, cut costs and maximize performance.

Key Products & Capabilities:

  • Cascade: Gain Layer 7 visibility to quickly identify the dependencies of applications and monitor delivery constantly
  • Stingray: Boost efficiency and automation from within consolidated data centers as user traffic is better distributed and intensive tasks are offloaded
  • Steelhead: Cut bandwidth utilization by up to 90% while boosting application response time by up to 100x throughout the WAN
  • Granite: Virtualize edge servers and storage; consolidate data and applications to edge locations as if they were local

Disaster Recovery

Backing up data doesn’t have to be as complex or risky as it used to be. Riverbed uses the latest in WAN optimization and cloud technology to help businesses protect their data faster, more efficiently and more securely.

  1. Optimization and prioritization of WAN traffic, which increases replication and backup throughput, plus decreases bandwidth needs
  2. Secure, optimized cloud storage for backups and archiving with seamless integration of your existing backup software
  3. Full monitoring capabilities for tracking data protection processes, identifying outages and diagnosing root problems for fast recovery

GEt Riverbed Steelhead WAN Technology Now

Application Performance

Riverbed WAN optimization allows organizations to gain faster access to data and collaborate more effectively, no matter the distance between branch offices. This technology involves more than just reducing bandwidth. It actually accelerates application performance – dramatically.

  • 5x, 50x or even 100x acceleration of applications across the WAN
  • Blazingly fast LAN-like performance to all remote offices, no matter where they are located around the world
  • Significant boost in end-user productivity gained from optimized network performance
  • Faster download and transfer of files
  • Major reduction in computing time, which in turn boosts collaboration between users
  • Saves money on IT, operational, and training costs, plus eliminates need for expensive network upgrades

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We’ve only scratched the surface of these technologies and the benefits they can provide for today’s businesses.

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