Storage Virtualization: How It Reduces Costs and Improves Network Performance

Storage virtualization has all but eliminated the old-fashioned, cumbersome methods of managing data storage.

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If you’re an IT professional, then you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to manage storage devices – especially when your data is growing exponentially. If you’re an executive, then you understand how those tedious methods translate into rising costs and overtaxed IT resources.

In either scenario, storage virtualization can make your life easier and save you a lot of money in the process.

What Storage Virtualization Can Do:

  1. Streamline your data storage and make it more efficient
  2. Back up data more easily with minimal disruption
  3. Archive data seamlessly and automatically
  4. Recover data quickly and easily after a system failure
  5. Increase network performance by balancing load automatically

All these benefits can translate into cost savings and a productivity boost, which is why virtualization is being implemented by more and more businesses, every day.

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What is Storage Virtualization?

It is the process of pooling storage devices on the network and virtualizing them to appear as one single storage resource. By utilizing this process, IT administrators can manage the storage like it’s a single consolidated device, and applications don’t need to be told which specific drives or partitions to search for data.

The addition of storage virtualization software helps automate the process, essentially grouping multiple storage systems and devices into prioritized tiers of storage.

How Can My Organization Benefit?

Storage Virtualization Software Expert

If you’re just beginning to look at storage virtualization, then you’ve probably already experienced the headaches of managing your data storage. The larger the enterprise, the more complex your storage architecture probably is. And, the more complex it is, the more time, money and resources you need to manage it.

Storage virtualization has completely changed the way that we look at data storage, and the benefits for most businesses can be tremendous.


By virtualizing your storage area network (SAN), you significantly cut down on the amount of time needed to manage your data storage. Virtualization automates many processes that traditionally needed to be done manually – and it does it more effectively too. This removes a huge burden from your IT department and eliminates many previously time-consuming tasks. It also provides better data availability and uptime during processes like data backups and recovery, which translates into end-users utilizing their time better, too.

According to Dell, independent industry analysts have shown that these solutions can save 45 days per year as compared to traditional storage management methods.


Time is money. And chances are your existing storage setup is eating up a lot of both. Storage virtualization generates an almost immediate return on investment. It enables you to save money on IT overhead, including personnel and hardware. And it produces better data reliability and application performance, which boosts productivity.

Storage Virtualization Protection & Solutions From TredentData Protection

Data backups and other replication processes are handled seamlessly – in the background – across the virtualized storage devices. This not only reduces the need for manual intervention, but also reduces downtime to nearly zero. Solutions like Dell’s EqualLogic Arrays are fully redundant, hot pluggable, and come with a host of additional data protection tools. In the event of a disaster, data can be recovered almost instantaneously.


Storage virtualization isn’t all about capacity. It can provide a big boost to performance too. A more simplified, automated and load-balanced storage system results in increased processing power and network throughput resources. Remember, virtualization leverages the entire SAN and applies storage resources where they are needed most. This automation reduces the pressure on the servers and the network as a whole, resulting in faster application speeds and more reliable performance overall.


With virtualization, storage resources can be added and expanded on the fly – no need for mapping, zoning or translation. Capacity can be increased quickly and easily as needs grow, without the traditional installation headaches. There is virtually no downtime, which means no disruption to end users.

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