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Benefits of LifeSize HD Video Conferencing Solutions

  1. Instant Return Of Investment – After you set up your LifeSize video conferencing system you will notice a significant improvement in productivity for yourself and all of other personnel utilizing the video conference whilst decreasing travel expenses and ineffective telephone calls as well as emails.
  2. Like You Are There – Place yourself in the exact same area with those that make use of a new LifeSize video conference devices. Today with full 1080p High Definition quality you fail to remember you happen to be speaking with somebody 1000s of miles away. Simply amazing!
  3. Saves a Boat-load of Cash – You won’t fully understand the money saving potential the LifeSize HD conferencing system delivers until you begin to put it to work for you. From eliminating travel, improving productivity via collaboration and workflow, to employee training, hiring, vendor, partner and customer interaction and much, much more. The savings are tremendous!
  4. Absolutely No Networking Improvements Necessary – You can possibly drop your brand-new LifeSize HD conferencing devices on your own present network and run it on the internet or perhaps a private network. It can be auto identify the data transfer rates obtainable and throttle the video session towards the correct rate for the very best quality picture attainable.
  5. Easy to Set up & Use – If you’re able to set up a VCR you are able to set up the LifeSize video conference devices. Within a couple of minutes you will be able to set-up your LifeSize MCU, camera, microphone as well as the Television that you pick and you’re all set to go. Using LifeSize Video Conference software is so easy.

More About Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing or video conference but it is sometimes referred as a video teleconference. It is a set of inter active telecommunication technologies which enable two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously

.With HD Video Conferencing You Can Be Face to Face Anywhere!

The digital compression is the core technology that is used in a video conferencing system to make the video and audio streams in real time. The software involves in compression is called a codec (decoder/coder) and 1:500 maxes of compression rates can be achieved. The 1s and 0s digital stream result is subdivided labeled packets then it is transmitted thorough digital network or similar to it like ISDN or IP. In low speed applications like video telephony, usage of POTS or Plane Old Telephone System allows the use of audio modems in the transmission line. It converts the digital pulse to/from analog waves in audio spectrum range.

Multipoint Control Unit for Video Conferencing

Obtaining Life Size Video Conferences for two or more remote points, Multipoint Control Unit or MCU is required to be this achievable. MCU is a bridge that links calls from numerous sources similar to the audio conference call. In series, the parties can easily contact the MCU unit as well as MCU unit may also contact the parties that can be intending to join in LifeSize Video Conferencing.

MCU links already have two kinds, you’ll find for IP and ISDN based video conferences. Generally there are MCUs that are 100 % pure software, as well as other can be a combination of software and hardware. An MCU is characterized corresponding to the level of multiple calls it could possibly manage, the capacity to carryout transposing of data prices as well as protocols, and capabilities these as Continuous Presence, by which several activities could be viewed onscreen at the same time. MCUs can certainly be stand-alone hardware models, or they could be inlayed in to focused video conference devices.

Numerous video chat systems are created for multipoint video conferences with out any kind of MCU, stand-alone, embedded if not. These utilize a standards-based H.323 approach accepted as “decentralized multipoint”, in which every section in the multipoint call swaps video and audio precisely using the other stations without any central “manager” or some other bottleneck.

The important advantages of choosing this approach would be the audio and video will most likely comprise higher quality mainly because they doesn’t require to be relayed through means of a central point. Furthermore, No need to be concern on end user for the ad-hoc multipoint calls on the access or control of MCU. This additional comfort and quality comes at the cost of a few increased network bandwidth, simply because every station should transmit to every other station immediately and you’ll have a Lifesize Video Conference.

Video Conferencing Discussion Amongst Business Associates

High Quality Video Conferencing

High speed or broadband internet connection/connectivity has turn out to be more widely offered at a competitive price and the price of video capture and display technology has diminished, Now you can have a High Quality LifeSize Video Conference at a lower price. Personal Video Teleconferencing Systems, as a result, are becoming more affordable and available to the public either it is based on webcam, personal computer system, software compression and broadband internet connectivity.

Additionally, the devices utilized for this technologies continues to enhance in high quality, and costs have decreased significantly. The accessibility of free application (frequently as a part of chat programs) has created software program based video conferencing available to many.

Video Conference Solutions Bring People Together

Life Size Video conferences or even a simple video conferences can allow people in remote locations to have meetings on short notice. Money and time that once was put in traveling may be used to have short meetings. Technologies for instance Voice over internet protocol may be used along with desktop video conferences to allow low-cost face-to-face conference meetings without having leaving the office, particularly for companies with wide-spread offices.

The technology is additionally useful for telecommuting, through which staff work at home. One particular study report with different sample of 1,800 company employees indicated that, as of June 2010, 54% of the answerer with having access to video conference software tried it “all of the time” or “frequently”.

Business Conducts A Video Conferencing Session

Video conferencing is actually now starting to be introduced in online networking websites, to be able to assist companies form successful relationships efficiently with out going out of their workplace. It has already been leveraged by banking institutions to get in touch busy banking specialists with clients in numerous places using video banking technology.

Even though video conferences by now have proven its potential benefit, studies have shown that lots of personnel don’t use the video conference devices simply because they’re scared that they’re going to look like putting things off or searching for the simplest way when they use video conferencing to improve client and supplier relationships. This kind of fear can be prevented if administrators make use of the technology face-to-face with their staff.

Researchers discover that participants of company and healthcare video conferences should continue to work harder to be able to translate data presented throughout a conference compared to they would if they attended face-to-face. These people suggest that those people coordinating video conferences come up with changes in types of procedures and equipment.

Video conferencing made easy!