What About Us, you Say?


Our History

Since 1983, Tredent Data Systems (TDS) has been providing solutions for company’s data communications needs. Started in 1983 by John and Gloria Tredent, TDS helped to pioneer the industry by providing growing companies ways to connect remote offices back to their headquarters using leased lines, statistical multiplexors, and synchronous modems and DSU/CSU's.

TDS Today

Fast-forward to today, TDS continues to help organizations with their data needs.

Constantly evolving and adapting to changing business needs and technology. We primarily focus on providing Hybrid Maintenance Solutions for Networking Infrastructure, Storage and Servers. We also provide Core Network Infrastructure, Storage Area Networks along with Hosted VoIP. Many Global 1000 companies, small and mid-sized enterprises, government entities, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations rely on TDS for their networking needs.

The TDS Advantage
We believe that by better understanding our customers and their needs, we can provide better solutions, support, and service. The result is better speed, service, savings, and support.

Working With Us
Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you.

Fill out our contact form here, or email us at info@tredent.com, or call directly at (866) 873-3368