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Experience the fastest, most reliable access to data


To close the app-data gap you need the two unique capabilities our Predictive Flash Platform delivers:

Predictive Analytics for Radical Simplicity

Predictive analytics attacks the root cause of the app-data gap: infrastructure complexity. InfoSight predicts and prevents problems beyond just storage—so you can simplify operations and accelerate all your apps. Predictive analytics helps us deliver 99.9997% measured uptime.


Unified Flash Fabric for Freedom of Choice

Use All Flash for the most performance-sensitive apps, Hybrid Flash for tier 2 needs, or combine them. Consolidate, scale on demand, cut your TCO by 33-66%, and shrink your data center footprint up to 5x.

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Predictive Analytics -  Radically simplify operations with machine learning


Flash Arrays - Deploy All-Flash, Hybrid, or Unified Flash


Converged Infrastructure -  Deploy certified, flexible


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