Major Market TV Station

Hybrid Maintenance Case Study



  • Budgetary constraints
  • Multiple SLA's needed
  • Limited Staff Tech Resources
  • (73) Total Cisco Devices under Cisco SMARTnet


Solution Implemented

  • Cisco Hybrid Maintenance including the following:
  • (67) Devices on TDS-NetSupport
  • (6) Devices on Cisco SMARTnet (provided by Cisco Partner)
  • TDS-NetSupport on all EoSW devices
  • TDS-NetSupport on all devices entitled to Free Software Updates
  • On-site pre-configured spares for (2) devices 
  • Hybrid Maintenance savings of $35,518.56
  • 50% savings  

Hybrid Maintenance Snapshot


Hybrid_Maintenance_Device_Analysis_1A.jpg Grab a Cisco Hybrid Maintenance Snapshot  ️