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Customer Portal

Spending too much on Data Center Maintenance?

Stop overpaying. You have options!

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Spending Too Much On Infrastructure Maintenance?

Stop overpaying today!

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Spending Too Much On Infrastructure Maintenance?

Stop overpaying today!

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We are Tredent Data Systems

Celebrating our 41st year in business, our mission continues to be empowering IT Departments to achieve optimal value and support for Data Center Maintenance through our customized Hybrid Maintenance solution,TDS-NetCare®.

We take Maintenance and Support to the Next Level.

TDS-NetCare® Maintenance Solutions


Network Maintenance

Complete maintenance & support solutions for all of your Cisco networking infrastructure.


Server Maintenance

Effective support for Dell, HP, Cisco & IBM server hardware while still meeting budgetary goals.


Storage Maintenance

Extend the life of your storage and reduce your support costs by 70%.


Hybrid Maintenance

Our TDS-NetCare® Hybrid Maintenance provides access to all firmware updates and access to OEM support.

Nationwide Locations

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Don't take our word for it, take theirs...

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Charles, you can use me for a reference anytime. I have worked here for 14 vears and I truly think vou guys are the best vendor I've ever worked with...

Susan St. Pierre

TAC Voice Team Lead

U.S. Department of Labor

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The Indio Water Authority trusts Tredent Data Systems with support for some of our most critical systems. As a utility provider, we have equipment that must be operational at all times. With Tredent’s on our side, we know that we will have the assistance we need, no matter the time or day. Tredent’s helpful and professional staff have always gone out of their way to ensure that we have skilled technical support, and they will not quit until the job is done.


Steven La Barbera

Data & Systems Manager

Indio Water Authority

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Northwest Community Healthcare has a complex network with hundreds of Cisco devices. We reached out to Tredent Data Systems, and implemented TDS-NetCare® | Hybrid Maintenance for Cisco.


Glen Malan

Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Officer

Northwest Community Hospital

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AVH has worked with Tredent for over 10 years we have developed an excellent working relationship. The support we received from Tredent is by far the best.

Robert Davey

Robert Davey

IT Manager

Antelope Valley Hospital

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The team at Tredent provides an excellent option, if customer service and money saving is important to you, as far as I am concerned, TDS-NetCare® is smart business.

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Gary Knapp

Power Production

So Cal Edison

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We've been using TDS-Care for several years. They are very responsive & work fast to resolve our issues. Recently we had an outage, and within minutes of opening a ticket, they had us up and running.


Scott Gardiner

Director of Technology

Greenville Central School District

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We’re a hospital system with Cisco infrastructure and a big Smart Net expense.
Last year, we deployed Tredent’s TDS-NetCare® Hybrid Maintenance and dramatically slashed our Smart Net costs.
They’ve been quick to respond to outages and equipment replacements. Highly recommend.


Kevin Anderson

IT Director

Information Technology CGH Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions

“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead"- Aristotle

 Q. What is Smart Net?

A. Cisco’s brand of award-winning maintenance and technical support option for all Cisco devices that includes:

  • 24-hour access to Cisco TAC (technical assistance center)
  • Unrestricted access to extensive knowledge base and tools
  • Hardware replacement when necessary within a selected delivery time (2-hour, 4-hour, Next Business Day)
  • Ongoing operating system software (IOS) updates within the licensed feature set

Q. What is Hybrid Maintenance?

A.  A strategic blend of Original Equipment Manufacturer maintenance (OEM) and Third Party Maintenance (TPM).

Q. What is Third Party maintenance?

A. Third Party Maintenance (TPM) is maintenance on networking equipment, servers & storage that is independent of the OEM. TPM providers typically have no formal affiliation with the OEM, but instead operate in the best interests of the end user permitting hardware life cycle extension and dramatic reductions to support costs. Successful partnerships are typically measured by inventory availability and level of experience and skill set of certified technicians.

Q. What is Tredent’s Hybrid Maintenance for Cisco?

A. A safe, fiscally sound approach to network maintenance that preserves the coverage integrity of all Cisco devices on the network by strategically blending coverage options of Cisco Smart Net and Tredent's TDS-NetCare ensuring that all devices have access to available software updates, bug fixes, security vulnerabilities, hardware replacement, and telephone technical support with engineers from either Cisco TAC and/or Tredent.

Q. How long has Tredent been providing Third Party Maintenance solutions?

A. Tredent has been providing Third Party Maintenance (TPM) for over 20+ years.

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