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Hitachi Storage Maintenance & Support

Is your Hitachi Storage close to End of Life?


When your reliable Hitachi Storage reaches End-of-Service-Life (EOSL), you don’t want to lose access to its unique data center design concepts that can be difficult to replicate. You need an end-of-life (EOL) support package.


Our solution has been designed to meet your budget and performance requirements while providing peace of mind at tremendous savings. These savings can then be allocated to another initiative within your IT budget.


We have been providing support for Data Center Infrastructure for over 18 years

Our solution includes:

  • Extend the Life of your HItachi Storage
  • Reduce your support costs by 70% with service
    that offers more customized options.
  • Hardware Replacement (NBD & 4 Hour Same Day)



Supported Hitachi Storage Products

Hitachi VSP

  • Hitachi VSP G200
  • Hitachi VSP G400
  • Hitachi VSP G600
  • Hitachi VSP G800
  • Hitachi VSP G1000

Hitachi AMS

  • Hitachi AMS200
  • Hitachi AMS500
  • Hitachi AMS1000
  • Hitachi AMS2100
  • Hitachi AMS2300
  • Hitachi AMS2500

Hitachi Unified Storage

  • Hitachi HUS110
  • Hitachi HUS130
  • Hitachi HUS150

Other Hitachi Models

  • Thunder 9570
  • Thunder 9580
  • Hitachi USP V / USP VM