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Dell Server Maintenance and Support

Looking for Dell Server Maintenance Options?


When one or more of your servers crash, restoring your operating systems, applications, and IT infrastructure is your first priority. You must be able to reduce the risk of downtime and count on effective support for your server hardware maintenance, while still meeting your operational and budgetary goals.


Tredent Data Systems offers server maintenance with our world-class TDS-CARE solution


We have been providing support for Data Center Infrastructure for over 18 years

Our solution includes:

  • Extend the Life with server maintenance that continues
    long after your warranty expires
  • Reduce your support costs by 70% with service
    that offers more customized options.
  • Hardware Replacement (NBD & 4 Hour Same Day)
  • Custom Support Options
  • Expert Technical support by our team of USA Based engineers


Supported Dell Servers

Dell PowerEdge

  • PowerEdge R200
  • PowerEdge R210
  • PowerEdge R220
  • PowerEdge R300

Dell PowerEdge R-Series

  • PowerEdge 1650
  • PowerEdge 1750
  • PowerEdge 1800/1850
  • PowerEdge 1900/1950
  • PowerEdge 2500/2550
  • PowerEdge 2600/2650
  • PowerEdge 2850/2950

Dell Blade Servers

  • PowerEdge M1000
  • PowerEdge M520
  • PowerEdge M620
  • PowerEdge M915

Dell PowerEdge C-Series

  • PowerEdge C1100
  • PowerEdge C2100
  • PowerEdge C6100
  • PowerEdge C6145

Dell PowerEdge T-Series

  • PowerEdge T100/T110
  • PowerEdge T300/T310
  • PowerEdge T410/T420
  • PowerEdge T610/T620