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Start saving on Cisco Smart Net expenses

Deploy a Hybrid Maintenance Strategy for Cisco


Gartner and IDC both recommend a Hybrid Maintenance Strategy for your Cisco infrastructure.


Deploy a strategic hybrid solution and combine the award-winning benefits of Cisco Smart Net along with incredible the cost savings of  Third-Party Maintenance (TPM).


We can help you implement a Hybrid Maintenance Solution designed specifically for your individual network needs. Allowing you to navigate the uncertainty of 2020, extending the life of your existing infrastructure, and still staying compliant by receiving IOS Software updates on all your devices.



          We have been providing support for network infrastructure for over 18 years

Hybrid Maintenance - Going Beyond Cisco Smart Net

Ballooning maintenance costs, inflexible contracts, and hardware upgrades forced by End-of-Support equipment strain networking budgets. Deploying a Hybrid Maintenance Solution (a strategic combination of Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) and awarding winning Cisco Smart Net) can keep your hardware operating for years with no loss in performance.


Highlights of Hybrid


  Custom interactive deep-dive review of all devices in the network.
•  Identifying which qualify for TPM and which devices best kept on a Smart Net contract.
•  Discuss technical support issues directly with our certified engineers along with award-winning Cisco TAC support.
•  Software updates available on all devices keeping your network in compliance.
•  Flexible contracts that extend the life of your devices allowing you to defer costly refresh upgrades.
•  Peace of mind knowing that your Cisco infrastructure is supported yet not breaking the bank on your support budget