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Cisco Network Maintenance and Support

Spending too much on Smart Net? Start saving 70% with TDS-NetCare®


TDS-NetCare® is a complete maintenance & support solution for your Cisco networking infrastructure.


Avoid premiums, restrictive contracts and a convoluted support structure. TDS-NetCare® is a great fit for your budget and performance requirements while providing peace of mind at tremendous savings. Then the option is yours to allocate precious IT dollars to strategic initiatives.


"As a Third Party Maintenance company trying to disrupt a very established market, we put a lot of effort into helping IT Departments understand the benefits, efficiencies & money savings that a Hybrid Solution for Cisco provides. How infrastructure is managed, maintained and valued is constantly changing, and we strive to tailor our messaging and education based on those trends."

-Charles Beck, President 



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Hybrid Maintenance For Cisco®

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             Providing Maintenance & Support for Cisco Networks for over 20 years


What you get with TDS-NetCare®:


  • 24x7 TAC Support with Cisco Certified Engineers (All in-house USA based)
  • Complete Hardware Replacement (NBD & 4 Hour Same Day)
  • 15 minute engineer Call Back
  • IOS and Firmware updates on all Devices
  • Nationwide Locations
  • Super Flexible and Customized Contracts with no Contract Lock in
  • Prices DO NOT increase over time
  • Money Back Guarantee (No questions asked)
  • Excellent references


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