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Brocade Network Maintenance and Support

Overspending on Brocade Maintenance?


Tredent Data Systems provides maintenance support on Brocade infrastructure with our TDS-NetCare® solution.


Our solution is been designed to meet your budget and performance requirements while providing Peace of Mind at tremendous savings. You can then allocate the savings to another IT initiative.


         We've have been providing support for Data Center Infrastructure for over 18 years

Our solution includes:

  • 24x7 Techincal Support with all In-House USA Based Engineers 
  • Complete Hardware Replacement (NBD & 4 Hour Same Day)
  • On-Site Sparing



Supported Brocade Network Products

Brocade NetIron

  • NetIron NSR24

Brocade FastIron

  • FCX648S
  • FES4802
  • FESX424HF
  • FI-424C
  • FWS4802
  • FWS624

Brocade BigIron

  • BigIron B8G
  • BigIron B8000


  • ICX6450-24-P
  • ICX6450-48-P