Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Hybrid Maintenance?

A.  A strategic blend of OEM and Third Party Maintenance (TPM)


Q. What is Tredent’s Cisco Hybrid Maintenance?

A. A safe, fiscally sound network maintenance approach that preserves the coverage integrity of all Cisco devices on the network by strategically blending device coverage options of Cisco Smartnet and Tredent NetCare ensuring that all devices have access to available software updates, bug fixes, security vulnerabilities, hardware replacement, and telephone technical support with engineers from either Cisco or Tredent.


Q:  Does a Hybrid Maintenance solution apply to equipment that has reached

End of Life (EOL) by the OEM?

A: Absolutely! This is typically the best reason to choose Hybrid Maintenance


Q: How long has Tredent been providing third party maintenance solutions?

A: Tredent has been providing third party maintenance for over 15 years


Q: What is Third-party maintenance?

A: Third-party maintenance extends your hardware equipment’s lifecycle after the OEM warranty has expired. Successful third-party partnerships are typically measured by inventory availability and level of experience and skill set of certified technicians.


Q: What type of SLAs do you offer?
A: Tredent offers 24x7x4, 8x5xNBD, we also offer On-Site sparing. 


Q: Can Tredent provide software patches and updates?

A: Software patches and upgrades are the intellectual property of the OEM. We recommend TDS-NetCare coverage when software updates are offered FREE by the OEM, or software updates are no longer available {End of Software Maintenance (EoSW)}


Q: What kind of customer satisfaction guarantee do you offer?

A:  Customer satisfaction is our TOP PRIORITY. We offer a "no questions asked" money back guarantee for the remaining months of the agreement, if for any reason the customer is unhappy with our solution.