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Third-party maintenance helps you go GREEN!

Tredent Data Systems recognizes the major issues related to sustainable practices when it comes to IT and is playing its part in supporting it.

The first step is accepting responsibility for our impact, which is why we are taking measures to reduce our environmental footprint and control the risks our business poses to the planet. We assist companies with their fight against climate change by making them aware of Third-party Maintenance services for their network and actively collaborating with them to postpone the replacement of infrastructure while keeping their existing storage, servers and network operational and supported.

Reduce polluting emissions thanks to Third Party Maintenance

Today, the digital sector is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 21% of which are due to data centers and network infrastructure. We help companies act sustainably by providing infrastructure and data center maintenance services that span the entire asset lifecycle: from installation to extending the OEM recommended end-of-life.

We considerably help extend the life of data center equipment and reduce the consumption of raw materials necessary for manufacturing new. This has a significant tangible benefit for the environment, considering that 75% of the carbon footprint of equipment comes from its manufacturing. We help customers upgrade and maintain existing infrastructures and thereby minimizes the production of e-waste and greenhouse gasses responsible for global warming.

As part of this more sustainable future, Tredent has an essential role to play in helping companies understand, monitor and optimize their carbon footprint in the field of IT and enable them to make decisions that respect the environment. We renew our commitment to help you adopt a sustainable digital strategy, both for your business and for the climate.