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Budget constraints, high network maintenance costs, inspired the CFO to initiate discovery and investigate maintenance alternatives. A colleague from another hospital recommended using a Hybrid Maintenance Solution and referred him to Tredent Data Systems.

The referring hospital system had been working with Tredent's TDS-NetCare Maintenance offering for many years and were realizing tremendous savings with excellent support.






55% of Cisco devices entitled to Free Software updates under Cisco's Policy.

33% of devices no longer receive software updates under Cisco's Policy.

82% of devices are best covered by Third Party Maintenance.

18% of devices are best covered by a Cisco Smart Net® contract purchased from their existing trusted authorized Cisco Partner.



Tredent Data Systems helped the Hospital implement a Hybrid Maintenance for Cisco solution based on an analysis of coverage requirements including, SLA's needed, software update policies and (End of Life) EOL devices. One of the best examples is the many Cisco chassis switches that power the core.  Most have reached EOL, yet they were were able to extend the life of these switches and help the hospital defer costly upgrades.

Along with devices entitled to Free Software updates, no longer receive software updates, and the devices covered by Cisco Smart Net®, this Hybrid approach exceeded the CFO's expectations not only in IT budget savings, but also the customer service provided by Tredent's in-house Cisco engineering and support team.


This Hybrid Solution allowed for tremendous flexibility and savings

From common hardware issues to more complex problems such as latency issues, back-up failovers and suboptimal routing, Tredent support engineers are the extra hands needed to support the Cisco infrastructure as additional members to the hospital's IT team.



$328,000 savings realized annually