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End of life (EOL) Cisco infrastructure, Federal Government budget constraints, infrastructure refresh postponements, all contributed to the Job Corps division of the US Department of Labor deciding to seek alternatives to Cisco Smart Net®

Analysis performed by TDS

87% of Cisco devices were entitled to Free Software updates under Cisco Policy

49% of devices no longer received software updates under EoSW Cisco Policy

78% of devices were EOL

100% of devices qualified for Tredent's 3rd Party Maintenance solution TDS-NetCare


Deployed TDS-NetCare. Tredent Data Systems' Third Party Maintenance solution.

U.S. Job Corps has locations in every state including Puerto Rico. Many IT staff members are located at the data center in Austin Texas and they teamed with Tredent's technical support engineers and coordinated hardware replacement and technical support.



With over 2800 devices being supported, many well past their EOL dates, numerous monthly trouble tickets were resolved quickly and hardware delivered next business day, allowing Job Corps to have peace of mind knowing that after all of the cost savings were realized the level of support was excellent.


Tredent received a much appreciated and glowing testimonial from Susan St. Pierre:

“Hi Charles,  you can use me for a reference any time. I've worked here for 14 years and I truly think you guys are the best vendor that I have ever worked with!  It amazes me that you can get equipment out so quickly :)”  

Susan St. Pierre

Telecom Engineer/Voice Team Lead

National Job Corps Data Center


Over 62% savings realized year after year to the U.S. Job Corps vs. all Cisco Smart Net® solution