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Case Study | Public Storage

Read how Tredent Data Systems solved their client's problems with care.

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Public Storage is an American international self storage company headquartered in Glendale, California. It is the largest brand of self-storage services in the US. This highly competitive industry warrants constant review of OPEX expenses.


Network infrastructure maintenance expense was an area they wanted help with. 


67% of Cisco devices were entitled to Free Software updates under Cisco Policy

13% of devices no longer received software updates under Cisco Policy

82% of devices are best covered by Third Party Maintenance

18% of devices are best covered by a Cisco Smart Net® Contract


They were a perfect candidate for Hybrid Maintenance (strategic blend TDS-NetCare & Cisco Smart Net®). Most devices were End of Life (EOL) & End of Softwares Maintenance (EoSW).


SLA of 24x7x7 support for all devices. TDS-NetCare for all switching infrastructure and Cisco Smart Net® for all ASA's located in both Glendale & Arizona.



28 devices are End of Life (EOL)

10% of  (ASA's) still receive software updates

87% of devices no longer receive software updates 

90% of devices can be covered by TDS-NetCare

10% of devices covered by Cisco Smart Net®


72% Savings compared to an all Cisco Smart Net® solution