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Case Study | Major TV Station

Read how Tredent Data Systems rescued a strained IT budget

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In the highly competitive world of TV Broadcasting, IT budgets can become constrained. Combine that with the high cost of maintaining their aging Cisco infrastructure, this TV station had to do something. The IT Director was tasked to save money and find a way to do more with less.

He reached out to Tredent Data Systems for help. We recommended redesigning his Cisco infrastructure around a Hybrid approach using our TDS-NetCare along with award winning Cisco Smart Net®.

Saving a lot of money while still keeping the great service they were used to getting.

Analysis performed by TDS


77% of switches were entitled to Free Software updates under Cisco Policy

53% of devices no longer receive software updates under Cisco Policy

28% of core switches were end of life (EOL)

10% of devices receive no software updates

85% of devices are best covered by a Third Party solution such as TDS-NetCare



Identify and qualify every device.  All devices entitled to FREE software updates, no longer receiving software updates (EoSW), or receive no software updates via Cisco Policy, or are End of Life (EOL) supported by TDS-NetCare. All other devices supported by a Cisco Smart Net® contract procured from their authorized Cisco partner.

Tredent manages and supports the entire infrastructure with one support portal and number to call 24/7

Defer upgrades until absolutely needed and budgeted.  Use the savings on maintenance for other more important current IT initiatives.



Tremendous cost savings across the board. Tredent engineering team became an auxiliary arm for the IT department, enabling them to lean on us when necessary. Whether it's network design troubleshooting or budget planning, etc..

Complete network infrastructure support


72% Savings vs. all Smart Net® solution with over $250,00.00 in OPEX savings